Before this afternoon’s game against the Rays, the Blue Jays activated catcher Danny Jansen from the injured list and optioned Riley Adams to …

Bullpen has given away many, many games this year. Way too many to count. Guessing the most or one of the most in baseball?
I wonder where this Jays team would be without all the injuries to the bullpen. Wed be neck in neck with the Red Sox and rays for the division in my opinion.
Either way, Jays look really nice of late, they certainly have a run in them for a wild card , I doubt the division. But who knows, who knows.
Also, I think Atkins building an offensive minded ball club first was maybe the wise thing to do? Maybe the Jays knew, or were preparing for baseball to come down hard on this tampering with substances to put on the baseball stuff ?
Its not a bad thing to have possibly the best offense in baseball, when pitchers are forced to pitch using their god given talent. Maybe Atkins and co didnt invest that much in pitching so far for this exact reason. They went the opposite route, and possibly were prepared ?