Get out of hell in this vertical platformer rogue-like demon slaying game.

Rising Hell is a vertical platformer rogue-lite game that was released in 2019 and has so far received positive responses from everyone. The game is still currently in early access and is scheduled for a full release sometime this year.
The developers, Tahoe Games, is a small team hailing from Indonesia. The game has grown a long way since its initial release two years ago. With plenty more bosses, several playable characters, new levels, and worlds, the game is close to reaching its final stages of hell. The team themselves has released an update back in January that they’re pushing to deliver the 1.0 release of the game.
Fans of rogue-lites can expect Dead Cell and Castlevania vibes mashed onto this game. However, what’s unique about Rising Hell is its subtle meaning behind its title. Instead of moving horizontally for progression like other games, players go up. The game offers you a thrilling and nostalgic arcade experience with its fast-paced gameplay into hell and if you succeed, out of it.
With other playable characters, talent skills, unlockables and plenty of demons to kill, players can expect a test of their skill and a variety of play styles to use in the game. Other than its full-on campaign mode, the game also has a challenge mode completed with its own leaderboards.
The demo is currently available on Steam and the game is available for S$10.
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