It turns out taking a full-page screenshot on your iPhone is a thing. Here’s how you can pull off this useful hack.

iOS 14 has been out for some time now but somehow we’re all still finding new hidden secrets on our iPhones. The latest hack to surprise the internet is the ability to take screenshots that capture not only your screen but an entire webpage.
The screenshot hack we all need
This hack is, naturally, courtesy of TikTok. User ambre_skye put up the tutorial showing users how to take screenshots that capture the whole page.
Prepare for your mind to be blown by the video below.
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Spongebob – Instrumental – Common Cents
Gone are the days of taking 15 screenshots to fully capture a recipe for later. This screenshot hack will make things infinitely easier the next time you want to remember a large chunk of something you’ve read online.
Not to mention, saving these extended screenshots to your files means you can organise your notes, recipes, articles etc. into labelled sections like you would on desktop.
One thing to note is that this hack only works for taking full-page screenshots in the Safari app. However, there are alternative methods for Chrome and Firefox users.
How to screenshot entire articles on iPhone
If you don’t have time for the TikTok hack above, we’ll lay it out for you. This is what you need to do for a successful full-page screenshot:

  1. Open a website or article in Safari.
  2. Take a screenshot.
  3. Open the screenshot and tap the full page tab.
  4. Click done and choose to save the screenshot as a PDF.
  5. Open the files app

In the files app, you’ll find the entire website or article saved as viewable PDF that you can scroll through at your leisure. Don’t forget that if you need an easier way to take a screenshot, the apple on the back of your phone can help you out.
How great are smartphones? Feel free to use this article to test out your new iPhone full-page screenshot skills (wink, wink).