Love Island’s Arabella Chi says her bum was ‘too big’ to get model jobs

Arabella Chi has revealed she was black-listed modelling for top fashion designers because of her behind.The Love Island star said that working as a catwalk model from the age of 16, she would have to “constantly fight” for her bum with cutthroat modelling agencies who demanded she lose weight, The Sun reports.
“I love my bum but I think it is because I’ve learned to love it. It’s what makes me proud,” she told the publication.
“My hip measurement was always a measurement that modelling agencies told me I had to get down. But when they measure your hips, it’s actually your bum.
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“I used to cast for really big shows and for Fashion Week and they would always tell me, if you didn’t have a bum you’d walk for Chanel and Dior … and I’m like, I can’t do anything about it.”
The 29-year-old said agent would say to her that she “needs to lose weight” in her bum.
“I went to Milan, and they said, ‘You’re bottom-heavy’. So I was constantly fighting my bum.”
“But it’s been amazing to see the whole world change, that everyone now wants a bum, and now I’m like, God, I’m so glad I have a bum — I’m glad I struggle to get into jeans. I love that I have to wiggle into them.”
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The blonde beauty has since set up an OnlyFans account to share exclusive photos and videos with her followers on how to get a tush like hers.
Content subscription service OnlyFans launched in 2016 and is popular with sex workers — as the site allows explicit content.
But Arabella maintains she will not do porn and will “never ever be tempted”.
“Being a social media influencer, so many people are so intrigued about what you do [to keep fit],” she said.
“I won’t be doing any adult or sexual content at all and will never ever be tempted. I’m just focusing on body and fitness.”
However, she said she has complete respect for everyone that does do it on there.
“Because you know, they make an absolute fortune. But still, people are asking me, ‘Aren’t we signing up for nudes?’ and I’m like ‘No!’
“I’m just like, ‘God, people are so vulgar!’ In fact one guy asked me, ‘Have you got any free stuff? Because if I sign up to your platform, nudes will ping up on my wife’s phone!’”
This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission