McDonald’s launches new Nutella-filled mini hotcakes and brings back McRib and El Maco

McDonalds has announced it will launch new Nutella-filled mini hotcakes as part of a limited new summer menu.The new menu item will be available nationwide from Wednesday, December 9.
The limited-edition hotcakes will be mini versions of the Macca’s favourite breakfast menu item stuffed with an oozy layer of Nutella inside.
McDonald’s is calling he new item “a dream combination”, combining Macca’s famous hotcakes made mini with a delicious layer of creamy Nutella.
“Incorporating a layer of creamy Nutella, these are a delicious twist on our iconic hotcakes and will be available until mid-February,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said.
There are two other Macca’s favourites that are joining the summer menu for a limited time.
The McRib sandwich and El Maco burger are returning on December 9, just in time for summer.
“From tomorrow, both the El Maco and McRib will be on menus nationwide for the next six weeks,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said.
“We’re thrilled to be bringing these two burgers back for our customers, they’re fan favourites, and among our most requested products.”
It’s the first time the two burgers will be available at the same time.
The McRib is a pork sandwich with smokey BBQ sauce and pickles and the El Maco is a McDonald’s Mexican burger with chunky salsa and sour cream.
The two burgers will be available at McDonald’s until January 19, 2021.
The Mini Hotcakes with Nutella will remain on the menu until February 16, 2021.