Trump has got another powerful trick up his sleeve to help him cling to power.

Donald Trump has managed to raise millions of dollars as part of his cunning plan to retain power even after exiting the White House.
Soon after losing the November 3 United States election, the 74-year-old former President quietly established a leadership political action committee (PAC), a fundraising vehicle that could see him retain control within the Republican Party now he’s left office.
And according to a new financial report filed with the Federal Election Commission over the weekend, the PAC dubbed Save America already has a staggering US$31.2 million ($43.36m) stashed away.
Politico reports Trump could use the PAC “both to boost loyalists and also to seek retribution against Republicans he believes have wronged him, such as the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in mid-January”.
“The more money [he] stacks up in his committee, the greater his grip will remain on many elected Republicans who will fear those resources could be turned against them,” Republican consultant Rob Stutzman told the publication.
While the money can’t be used on any of his own future political campaigns, they can go towards national travel, funding his own advisers and on midterm election campaigns.
Trump lawyers’ Cosby, Epstein ties
Americans are sharing their reaction to Donald Trump’s shock appointment of lawyers with connections to Bill Cosby and Jeffrey Epstein.
Over the weekend, news broke that five experts from the 74-year-old’s impeachment legal team stood down due to clashes over strategy.
Today, two replacements were announced David Schoen and Bruce Castor Jnr.
But it didn’t take long for focus to shift to the pair’s previous, high-profile ties.
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In 2005, Castor decided not to prosecute former TV star Bill Cosby for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand, and Schoen met with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein days before his August 2019 death.
In the hours since the announcement was made, many Americans have taken to social media to point out those connections, and question their morals and track records.
Trumps new legal team includes Bruce Castor, who declined to charge Bill Cosby as district attorney in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania & David Schoen, who met with Jeffrey Epstein about joining his defense team just days before Epstein killed himself at the MCC in New York.
— Mike Balsamo (@MikeBalsamo1) February 1, 2021