“You know, there’s a lot of kids.”

The split comes after a year in which West’s mental health issues made headlines on several occasions, beginning with an emotionally charged anti-abortion rant he gave at his first and only presidential rally. He went on to accuse his wife and mother-in-law of “white supremacy” and trying to have him “locked up”. 
Kardashian addressed West’s bipolar disorder in an Instagram post asking for empathy and calling her husband “a brilliant but complicated person”. 
The reality TV star has not yet commented on the split herself, but her mother said fans can expect her to acknowledge it at some point in the future, and it may feature in the final series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
“Kim wanted to deal with this with her own family in her own time, so when she feels like it, I’m sure she’ll say what she needs to say,” Jenner said.