LEGENDARY RTE pundit Eamon Dunphy appeared emotional as he remember a childhood friend on Saturday night’s Tommy Tiernan Show.
Dunphy was best known as a hard hitting pundit alongside John Giles and Liam Brady for RTE and now at the age of 75 runs his own podcast series.
Dunphy appeared on Saturday’s Tommy Tiernan ShowCredit: RTE
The legendary broadcaster appeared emotional as he spoke about his childhood friend
And the veteran broadcaster appeared on the show as he talked through a number of topics such as his childhood, love and his retirement plans.
And Dunphy appeared to get emotional as he spoke about childhood friend Dessie Toal.
Dunphy told Tiernan: “I do remember people who were pivotal to my life. Dessie Toal was a guy who introduced me to two things, football and cigarettes when I was eight.
“Without him, and he was the older guy in a street gang and I latched myself onto and I remember him very fondly and I spoke at his funeral mass.
“He was like a guy out of a movie, he was about three or four years older than most of us and he was a cool guy and a great footballer and a heroic figure.
“My mother was a beautiful woman and she used to worry when I was out with these guys that were a little bit older than me and the only guy who could pacifier was a guy called Dessie Toal. Dont worry Mrs Dunphy, Ill look after him. I remember that.”
And when Tiernan asked Dunphy if memories like that move him, he replied: “Oh very much so but everyone I assume has those stories, it does move me deeply.”
Tiernan then asked Dunphy about love and if it does not stop.
“No, it doesnt. When its available and accessible and when youre fortunate enough to be a beneficiary of it which so many people arent but I certainly was.
“Its what you are and you are where you came from and you are who loved you or who didnt.”
Dunphy currently hosts The Stand and does not plan to fully retire anytime soon.
He told Tiernan: “We have built a studio in the house, my wife Jane lives as the author of it and we have a very, very big audience now.
“Its a liberating thing. Im the boss, or Im the half boss with my wife and no one is going to sack me until Im ready to go.
“Dolly Parton said it the other day, Were going to work til we die.
“If it is your pleasure, if you enjoy your work I think you should work until you want to stop.
“I always thought one thing, give them as much as you possibly can of yourself. Your real opinion and dont stint on that. Its what I do to make a living. Im not going to mess with that, Im not going to cheat with that and if anyone wants me to, Im off.”