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Hey, as a professional pilot: dont give up, dont let it get you down. I got my helicopter CFI in 2008; a bad year. The biggest flight school in the nation went under on Super Bowl Sunday and flooded the market with 250 CFIs. I knew I wouldnt get a job for a couple years.
I then started college, flew every now and then to stay somewhat current, tried starting an aerial photo business just to keep flying.
In 2011 I finally landed a job as a CFI in both heli and airplane; moved on from there. But, the important part was that it was all temporary. I knew it then an you should know it now. This will be much more short lived than the Great Recession and those wanting to be pilots should be training now because with all the pilots that retired early from the airlines, it is gunna be on like Donkey Kong when the demand spikes back up. Youll be there to be a CFI and replace the guys leaving to the airlines, then youll be next. Hopefully Ill see you there one day. Dont give up.