A glitch that takes advantage of Cyberpunk 2077’s “Maneuvering System” upgrade lets players speed-dash around Night City much faster than developers probably intended.

Not all glitches in Cyberpunk 2077 are as immersion-breaking as players butts or unmentionables hanging and flopping out. Some can be useful especially to speedrunners.
The glitch in question involves modding up V with Maneuvering System, a piece of cyberware that lets the player execute a dodge mid-air. (Find said cyberware in Santo Domingos Arroyo sub-district.) As Redditor Strikielol found (via Eurogamer), it also allows players to dash mid-air. When a mid-air dash is properly timed, it gives V super-speed.
The trick is to hit dash right before V lands; this basically confuses the game into merging both the dash and the jump forward, and with it, V builds up momentum and speed well beyond what CD Projekt Red developers intended. We know that because, when zooming down the highway, the player is going faster than it takes for cars to load in. Watch them popping in and out:
Other players have found ways to compound the gains with in-world mods, like reinforced tendons (available at the ripperdoc in Watson, Little China), which adds a double-jump to the players repertoire.
Whats it good for? Well, it should be obvious, but this kind of thing usually comes in handy for speedrunners, especially in large-world role playing games. Theres a bug inside Fallout 3that likewise confuses and takes advantage of the game, giving the player a huge boost to walking and running speed; thats been a mainstay of Fallout 3s any% run, helping one runner crack the 15-minute completion mark five years ago. (The current world-record holder, LMW, also used the speed cripple trick to set their 14:24 time on Dec. 17.)
Cyberpunk 2077s any% mark is substantially longer 3:03:50, set by ColdCypher on Dec. 31. Of course, the game only launched on Dec. 10. Maybe the discovery of this glitch will be helpful in cracking the 3-hour barrier in short time.