ABC crime reporter Mark Reddie egged after Sydney Mardi Gras

A television reporter has made a formal complaint to police after he was allegedly egged while walking home from celebrating Mardi Gras in Sydney.ABC’s crime reporter Mark Reddie confirmed to NCA NewsWire he had made a complaint after earlier taking to Twitter to explain what had happened.
He said he was walking home with a group of “gay guys” on Riley Street in Surry Hills in the early hours of Sunday morning when a red car drove by before stopping suddenly.
The group of men inside the car then repeatedly launched eggs at Reddie and his friends, the TV reporter alleges.
He said the car then sped off and the male occupants were laughing.
“As we walked up the road, there were egg shells everywhere. Clearly they were targeting the LGBTQI community – gay hate crimes still exist,” Reddie said.
In a tweet, the reporter said a few eggs wouldn’t rattle him and his friends.
“I truly hope you (attackers) find happiness. That is all,” he said.
His post was flooded with messages from people expressing their disgust.
Reddie followed up with another tweet confirming NSW Police were investigating the incident, which “saw himself and three others attacked with eggs”.
The ABC reporter understands similar attacks happened in the area and others to contact police.
A person commented on the crime reporter’s tweet saying they too were subject to a similar assault, also in the Riley Street area.
“This happened to us as well. (A) car drove past and threw a carton. Didn’t faze us as none of the eggs landed. S**t shots,” the person said.
Reddie said it was important these incidents were made public and he wanted to raise awareness.
“Thanks for your support (it) means a lot,” he tweeted.
NSW Police confirmed officers had received a formal complaint and would provide more information when it became available.
The ABC said it “deplores” the incident.
“Mark has made a report to police and he has the full support of the ABC,” a spokesperson said.
“We have offered him any assistance he needs.”
On Saturday, the gleaming pageantry of Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade couldn’t be dulled by a COVID-forced venue change as marchers moved from the streets to the Sydney Cricket Ground.
Revellers usually line the traditional parade route through Oxford Street, the city’s LGBT hub, but due to COVID-19 concerns, the event was held inside the sports stadium in front of a 36,000-strong audience.