As the Reds were looking to break the deadlock against West Ham at the London Stadium, Jürgen Klopp looked to Curtis Jones, who has fast become their very own twelfth man.

Jürgen Klopp made a fairly definitive statement with his first substitute on Sunday: Curtis Jones is now Liverpools 12th man.
It has been a season all about growth for Jones, who has ascended from an up-and-down prodigy into an all-around midfielder capable of vacillating between whatever role or style is demanded of him by either the game or the manager.
After a series of tippy-tap spells against West Ham, Klopp decided he wanted his side to go more direct. One pass instead of two. A dribble, a surge, instead of stroking the ball back and forth. That kind of energising, change-the-style role used to be the exclusive domain of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Now its Jones — a player capable of flipping between either style on command.’s Dan Morgan and Ollie Connolly spoke after the game about Jones’ impact and his new role.
“There is a real statement being made this season as to where he’s at in the pecking order,” Dan said. “He is fast becoming player number 12.”
“That he gets on first when there are some established internationals on that pitch, that he’s trusted in the manner he is. And not only that, but he comes on and clearly executes what’s asked of him to perfection. It shows his maturity.”
“I’m running out of superlatives with him. I really, really think Liverpool have got something special with him.”