Biden defeated President Trump in the state of Georgia, while Trump won North Carolina, Edison Research projected

The lawsuit alleged fraud and voting irregularities, which Wayne County has denied.
The judge rejected those allegations, writing: Plaintiffs interpretation of events is incorrect and not credible.
He noted that allegations, such as city workers encouraging voters to cast their ballot for Democrats, were not backed up by details, such as locations or times when such events took place.
The judge also said that one witness who had filed an affidavit had posted on Facebook before the election that he speculated that Democrats were using the pandemic as cover for election fraud, undermining his testimony and credibility.
On Wednesday, the Trump campaign filed a similar lawsuit in U.S. District Court in the Western District of Michigan.
The campaign and Republicans have also sued in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin seeking to block the certification of election results.
Legal scholars have said lawsuits challenging election results are more appropriate for state court, and the ruling by the Wayne County Circuit Court could undermine the Trump campaign efforts in federal court.
Michigan is due to certify its election results on Nov. 23.