Black Friday is over, but retailers still have great deals on Saturday. The best deals include $45 off Kindle Paperwhite & $80 off Everlane Day Boots.

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Black Friday is a busy day for everyone, especially when you have to divide your time between making the perfect platter of Thanksgiving leftovers and penning your gift shopping list for everyone in the family. It’s even more frustrating when you click on a deal only to find it’s no longer available or won’t be shipped until January. So if you woke up this morning and realized you didn’t end up buying a single thing yesterday, you’re not out of luck just yet.
Though we’re constantly keeping tabs on the best tech deals, mattress deals, and more, we’ve also been up since the wee hours of the morning working on this all-star group of deals that are still available right now.
Below, we’ve rounded up the best deals worth your time and money. Some of the products have been featured as the best in their category in our guides, while others come from our favorite online startups.