From midnight on Friday, Victoria’s caps on social gatherings will be lifted and mask rules will be relaxed in a number of settings.

Two new locally-acquired COVID-19 cases have been recorded in Victoria as the government moves to wind back coronavirus restrictions from midnight on Friday. 
Health authorities said the new cases, reported on Friday, were primary close contacts of pre-existing cases who tested positive towards the end of their 14-day mandatory quarantine, breaking the state’s six-day run of no new cases. 
Both of the cases had been in hotel quarantine during their infectious period and are linked to the Holiday Inn cluster, which now totals 24 cases. 
“They pose no risk to public health more broadly,” Premier Daniel Andrews said on Friday, as he announced the rolling back of restrictions put in place late last year.
From 11.59pm on Friday, the state’s coronavirus restrictions will return to pre-Christmas summer settings including increased gathering limits.
Up to 30 people will now be permitted to visit a private residence per day, up from five, and up to 100 people can attend an outdoor gathering.
Masks will also now only be required on public transport, in taxis and ride share vehicles, and in sensitive settings such as aged care facilities instead of all indoor venues. 
The planned increase for workers to go back to the office will also go ahead at 75 per cent across the private and public sectors, Mr Andrews said. 
The Holiday Inn outbreak led to a five-day “circuit-breaker” lockdown amid fears the virus had spread to the community, which ended on 18 February.
Thousands of close contacts were forced into quarantine as a result of the outbreak, with many now approaching the end of their mandatory 14-day isolation.
“I will take this opportunity to thank the many thousands of people who over these last few weeks have been at home, isolating away from other members of the community,” Mr Andrews said.
“We thank them and we acknowledge the fact that whilst we have pretty well got back to normal in these last couple of weeks, they have been doing the work for all of us, not only to keep their own families safe, but the keep every single family safe.”
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