Gang associates linked to bikie execution caught getting fuel to burn cars: police

More CCTV footage of men loading fuel containers into an alleged getaway car has been released as police continue to probe the slaying of notorious bikie Shane Bowden.Bowden, a former Mongol, was gunned down at a Pimpama home on the Gold Coast last year.
Police have released footage of two men with a hired car which is believed to be a getaway vehicle once two cars linked to the murder were destroyed.
The new footage released reveals two men loading fuel containers into the rear of a dark blue Kia Cerato with Queensland registration.
Detective Superintendent Brendan Smith said the fuel cans were allegedly used in the burning of two other cars, a Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore following the shooting.
He said the two men in the footage are associates of the Mongols bikie gang and it is suspected they obtained the fuel containers on their behalf to burn the Falcon and Commodore.
“Clearly we are slowly working our way towards a successful resolution and I can’t stress enough for people on the fringe of this investigation to take advantage of the indemnity and reward on offer from the government,” he said.
“We know (who the men are); we’re asking for the community who know them to talk about their activities, what they know they did that night.
“They’re clearly linked to the Mongols and are working on their behalf.”
He urged the people responsible to turn themselves in.
“These gangs have no honour among themselves, they’re not going to protect you,” Superintendent Smith said.
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Officers have offered a $250,000 reward for information that will lead to a conviction over the murder, as well as indemnity for any accomplices.
Superintendent Smith said ballistics evidence had been located at a house searched by police on Saturday that is believed to be linked to the murder.
Previously released footage shows a tracking device being placed on Bowden’s car weeks before his murder and two cars being driven along a highway and suburban street.
The cars were purchased in the Ipswich and Redlands areas about a week before Bowden’s murder on October 12, 2020.
That night, he was ambushed outside a house and shot 21 times.
Bowden, 48, was a former Mongol bikie who was forced out of the gang and patched over to rivals the Finks.
Both cars were found burnt out by police on the day of the shooting.
Superintendent Smith said police believe there was a “large group” of people aside from the two gunmen who planned and facilitated the murder.
The motive is alleged to be linked to Bowden’s fallout with the Mongols.
“I think it’s wrong to say tensions have flared … we’re yet to determine if it’s gang-related or crime-related,” Superintendent Smith said.
“This is a clear, premeditated murder … we’ve got them doing surveillance, using tracking devices.”