HBO Max will stream ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ in 4K and HDR starting on Christmas Day, but only to certain devices.

Tomorrow at noon WarnerMedia will release Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max, and if you have a subscription and the right device, then you can watch it in the highest quality possible with 4K, HDR (either HDR 10 or Dolby Vision) and Dolby Atmos audio.
When Warner confirmed 4K was in the works for its Wonder Woman premiere, it mentioned several devices that were ready for the experience and that list has grown since then, adding Roku platforms and Comcast set-top boxes. However, it still does not include PlayStation or Xbox consoles, so you’ll probably want to have a dedicated streaming box at the ready. Support for those and any other platforms should arrive in 2021, as Warner continues to roll out more movies and TV shows in 4K.