Montreal hospitals are nearing the point where doctors and nurses will have to choose which ICU patients will be taken off ventilators.

Calling the situation in Montreals hospitals really critical, Quebec Premier François Legault again begged Quebecers to avoid indoor gatherings particularly with people over the age of 65, because they are most likely to need hospitalization due to COVID-19 complications.
The situation is really critical, especially in the greater Montreal region, Legault said at his latest COVID-19 update in Montreal Monday afternoon. Surgeries are having to be postponed; there is pressure on our emergency wards. I know its difficult, but Quebecers are capable to work as a team when necessary.
More than half of Quebecers living in long-term care facilities 21,478 people in total have now received a first dose of vaccine against the deadly virus. And of the 115,375 doses the province has received so far, 80 per cent have already been administered.
But with 1,436 COVID-positive patients in hospitals across the province, many hospitals are overwhelmed, particularly in the Montreal region. The situation is at the point where hospital staff in Montreal are now doing online training for the advanced triage protocol to prepare for the horrific, and ever-more likely, possibility that they will soon be forced to choose who lives and who dies in their intensive care facilities.