Mr. Sowell, who was sentenced to death in 2011, murdered 11 women and hid the remains of his victims on his property.

Anthony Sowell, who terrorized the city of Cleveland with a macabre series of murders and hid the decomposing bodies of 11 Black women at his home, died on Monday of an undisclosed terminal illness, a spokeswoman for Ohios corrections agency said. He was 61.
Mr. Sowell, who had been on death row since 2011, was admitted last month to an end-of-life care unit at the Franklin Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, a facility run by the Department of Rehabilitation & Correction, the spokeswoman, JoEllen Smith, said in an email on Monday night. She did not elaborate on Mr. Sowells medical diagnosis, other than to say that it was not Covid-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus.
Mr. Sowell had been designated a sexually violent predator by the criminal justice system in Ohio after being convicted in 2011 of 11 counts of murder, as well as attempted murder, kidnapping, rape, assault and corpse abuse.
The decomposing bodies of the victims were found in Mr. Sowells house and in his yard on the citys East Side.