Oracle, a $39 billion-a-year tech behemoth, announced it is moving its headquarters from California’s Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas.

Oracle, a $39 billion-a-year tech behemoth, announced it is moving its headquarters from California’s Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas.
Oracle is implementing a more flexible employee work location policy and has changed its corporate headquarters from Redwood City, California, to Austin, Texas, the company’s latest regulatory filing read. We believe these moves best position Oracle for growth and provide our personnel with more flexibility about where and how they work.
Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) is thrilled with the news and tweeted, “BREAKING: Oracle just announced they have moved their Headquarters to Austin. Texas is truly the land of business, jobs, and opportunity. We will continue to attract the very best.”
The Oracle announcement comes just a week or so after Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced his own move to Texas. Other large companies fleeing the failed state of California include HP Enterprise (Houston) and Palantir Technologies (Denver).
This is all well and good, but if Texas turns blue and importing all these California nut-jobs is a pretty quick way to make that happen it’s pretty much over for Republicans like Gov. Abbott, not to mention the American presidency.
If Texas turns blue, Democrats will hardly have to campaign to win the White House.
Already, you have the lunatics at Nasdaq looking to demand that any company listed on their exchange “include on their boards at least one woman and one person from an underrepresented racial minority or someone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender-queer, or identifies with the myriad of sexual identities activists include under the rubric of LGBTQ+.
And you all know what that means, and it has nothing to do with “underrepresented groups” and everything to do with forcing far-leftists into the board rooms of these companies.
So how exactly is this a win for Texans or for Texas?
Why is Abbott not only celebrating, but encouraging the kind of corporate moves that could forever alter the culture of his state?
Is that why Abbott was elected? To import people who do not believe in live and let live, people hostile to what Texas is now and will look to change it, if not into California, than California-With-A-Little-Less-Shit-On-The-Sidewalks?
If I lived in Texas, I would not be happy at all with any of this. I’d be furious with Abbott, with someone who was hired to protect and preserve, not import Silicon Valley’s values.
When the left moves in, it’s never to be a part of the community, but to take over, to boss everyone around, to force everyone else to live and speak and believe in only one way.
No, if I were a Texas resident, I would not be very happy at all with Abbott over this.
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