President Trump on Sunday said his legal team uncovered ample evidence of election fraud, including “big massive dumps” of extra ballots at the polls, but judges continued to reject as groundless his challenges of the Nov. 3 results.

President Trump on Sunday said his legal team uncovered ample evidence of election fraud, including “big massive dumps” of extra ballots at the polls, but judges continued to reject as groundless his challenges of the Nov. 3 results.
The president’s legal challenges might never make it to the Supreme Court, he said, and he likely never will accept the legitimacy of a win by presumed President-elect Joseph R. Biden, though this would not keep Mr. Biden from assuming the presidency.
“We’re trying to put the evidence in, and the judges won’t allow us to do it,” Mr. Trump said on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures.” program. “We have so much evidence. … They stuffed the ballot boxes. Everyone knows it.”
Still, the president said his courtroom quest for a second term is likely futile unless a brave judge — or justice — steps up to fight the alleged election fraud.
Republican lawsuits across the country have suffered loss after loss as the president and his allies have labored to prove election fraud.
Meanwhile, Mr. Biden has begun forming his Cabinet and the Trump administration is assisting the Biden transition team.
Mr. Trump’s accusations of fraud resonate with a majority of Republican voters, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. It found that 52% of Republicans believe Mr. Trump “rightfully won” the election and 68% said they were concerned that the vote was “rigged.”
Just 16% of Democrats and one-third of independent voters worried that the election was fixed, according to the poll.
Mr. Trump said he plans to leave the White House if he loses the vote in the Electoral College, which convenes Dec. 14. But that won’t change his mind about election rigging, he said, citing massive dumps of mail-in ballots in battleground states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania to deliver wins for Mr. Biden.
“They stuffed the ballot boxes,” he said. “They used COVID as the means to stuff the ballot boxes.”
Mr. Trump’s legal team vowed to take the legal challenge to the justices after a federal appeals court in Pennsylvania dismissed its lawsuit in the state over the weekend. It’s one of several Republican-led lawsuits in the battleground state that has been batted down.
If his attorneys were able to present evidence, Mr. Trump said, they could prove enough ballot fraud to flip the election results in his favor.
Most courts dismissed the cases before conducting evidentiary hearings.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court batted down a challenge led by Republican lawmakers over the weekend, reversing a lower-court ruling three days earlier that put certification of the state’s results on pause.
“They have failed to allege that even a single mail-in ballot was fraudulently cast or counted,” Justice David Wecht wrote in his concurrence.
In Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden is leading Mr. Trump by more than 80,000 votes, or 1.2 percentage points.
Rudolph W. Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, the president’s lead attorneys, told Republican state lawmakers in Pennsylvania last week that the assembly must investigate the election results because Democratic counties kept Republican poll observers from reviewing mail-in ballots.
They offered an expert witness who said spikes in postelection tabulations suggest probable fraud.
The legal team will be in Arizona on Monday to present evidence of election irregularities to state lawmakers. Mr. Biden leads the president in Arizona by about 10,000 votes, or 0.3 percentage points.
Three weeks after major news organizations called the election, Mr. Trump remains far from his goal of reversing the projected outcome.
His most likely path to victory would have been through Pennsylvania. If he prevailed there, he would also need to reverse projected losses in at least two other states to reach the 270 Electoral College votes required to win the White House.
The projected Electoral College vote has Mr. Biden on top by 306 to 232.
The Trump campaign was fighting to make up ground in Wisconsin, with a recount underway in two of the state’s largest counties.
That recount wrapped up Sunday, netting Mr. Biden 87 more votes.
Mr. Trump lost in Wisconsin by about 20,600 votes, or 0.7 percentage points.
Sidney Powell, who is not on the president’s legal team but is filing pro-Trump lawsuits, sued officials in Michigan and Georgia with claims that Dominion Voting Systems software switched tens of thousands of votes for Mr. Trump to Mr. Biden.
Mr. Trump echoed those allegations.
“We caught four or five glitches. They are not glitches. That was fraud,” he said.
The Michigan lawsuit featured testimony by an expert witness, Russell Ramsland Jr., who said Dominion is responsible for “the injection or fabrication, of 289,866 illegal votes in Michigan, that must be disregarded.”
Mr. Biden is presumed to have won Michigan by roughly 154,188 votes, or 2.8 percentage points, over Mr. Trump. The state canvassing board voted to certify the results last week.
In Georgia, Ms. Powell’s expert witness concluded “at least 96,600 mail-in ballots were illegally counted,” according to the Georgia complaint.
Officials in the Georgia certified the election for Mr. Biden after a hand recount. Mr. Biden defeated Mr. Trump by about 12,600 votes, or a 0.2 percentage point margin.
The attorneys general for Michigan and Georgia did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Ms. Powell’s lawsuits.
Dominion is not listed as a defendant in the cases, but the company has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.
“Sidney Powell’s wild and reckless allegations are not only demonstrably false, they have led to stalking, harassment, and death threats to Dominion employees. This criminal activity has been duly reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, and we intend to hold Ms. Powell, and those aiding and abetting her fraudulent actions, accountable for any harm that may occur as a result,” Dominion Voting Systems said in a lengthy statement.
Mr. Trump chastised judges and the media for giving short shrift to what he called a national disaster.
“The whole world is watching, and nobody can believe what they are seeing,” he said. “We don’t have freedom of the press in this country. We have suppression.”
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