Start planning that road trip because Aldi’s latest special buys sale includes every piece of camping gear you’ll ever need.

Now that the summer heat is easing and the Easter weekend is coming up, there’s no better time to take a camping trip. Although to take a camping trip you’ll need all the right equipment.
Aldi’s got us covered in that department. Aldi’s latest Special Buys sale is all about camping and it’s kicking off this Saturday, March 20.
Highlights include Aldi favourite onezee sleeping bags, which is basically a fully insulated sleeping bag shaped to fit your body. These absolutely wild inventions are selling in purple, yellow, pink and black for just $49.99.
There’s also a Wi-Fi enabled portable fridge/freezer to keep those beverages cold all weekend.
Most importantly, however, there is an instant set-up tent on offer. Setting up a tent is one of the most arduous tasks of camping, so sign me up for one that does all the work. The tent comes in both four- and six-person sizes and is assembled in three easy steps.
The sale also covers a range of camping accessories such as fans, camp chairs, generators and rainproof clothing.
Here are some of the products on offer in Aldi’s upcoming Special Buys sale:

  • Takeaway Containers 15PK –  $4.99 
  • LED Headlamp – $4.99
  • Kids Headlamp – $4.99
  • Premium Tent Pegs – $9.99 
  • Tarp Pole 125cm to 225cm – $9.99 
  • Camp Rope 40M – $9.99 
  • Camping tools including Axe, Shovel or Hammer – $9.99 ea
  • Adults Wool Rich Hiking Socks 2PK – $11.99 
  • Tent Fan – $14.99 
  • Assorted Games including Dumb Criminals, Smart Ass or Brainiac – $19.99 
  • Light with Bug Zapper – $19.99 
  • Canvas Storage Bags – $19.99 
  • Adults Merino Blend Tee – $19.99 
  • Heavy Duty Tarps 3.65M x 3.65M or 3.6M x 5.55M – $29.99 ea
  • LED Torch with Powerbank – $29.99 
  • Camping First Aid Kit – $29.99
  • Byron Bay Camp Chair 61cm x 81cm x 49/103cm – $29.99
  • Sleeping Bag Onezee – $49.99 
  • Powered Battery Box – $49.99
  • Adults 3-in-1 Jacket – $59.99
  • Spotting Scope – $59.99 
  • Camp Quilt 2.3M x 2.05M – $69.99 
  • Uniden UHF Handheld Radio 4PK – $69.99 
  • Wildlife Camera – $129 
  • Instant Up Tent 4 Person 240cm x 240cm x 185cm – $129
  • Instant Up Tent 6 Person 300cm x 270cm x 195cm – $149
  • Night Vision Device – $159 
  • Solar Panel Kit 160W – $169
  • Deep Cycle Battery 33cm x 17cm x 21.2cm – $199 
  • 4-stroke Inverter Generator 3300W – $399 
  • Portable Fridge Freezer 65L 80cm x 47cm x 46cm – $599

Now, if you’ve ever shopped in an Aldi sale before you’ll know that stock runs out fast. It’s the quick or the dead out there so make sure you come prepared.
If you want to plan ahead you can see all the items and images on Aldi’s Special Buys page here. You should also check out the product delays page to see if any items will be missing at your local store.
Best of luck, shoppers. Here’s hoping you come away with everything you need for your next camping holiday.