Striker VR raised $4 million to help the company bring its haptic weapon accessory for VR arcades to the consumer market.

Striker VR, a company that makes VR peripherals for VR arcades, revealed that it would be bringing its arcade technology to the consumer market with an updated device build for home use.
Striker VR’s VR gun peripheral is an interactive accessory that offers increased immersion in shooter games thanks to its haptic recoil mechanism. The haptic system can simulate a variety of weapons, from standard rifles to futuristic energy weapons. The consumer version features a unique shape that looks like it could be suitable for more than just shooting games.
The concept images the Road to VR received from Striker depict a trapezoid-shaped object with a trigger grip in the center. A grip for your second hand can be found on the front, along with a trackpad on either side of the barrel. There also appears to be an extra button above the trigger grip.
Striker didn’t make a formal announcement about its in-development VR accessory, but Road to VR recently spoke with a company representative and got some exclusive details. According to Road to VR, Striker VR received a $4 million cash injection from investors to help roll out this new accessory. The company plans to double its staff this year to prepare for the launch. Striker didn’t say when the accessory would launch, but it sounds like it could happen late this year.
The upcoming accessory will support PC VR and Oculus Quest. We don’t have any other details about Striker VR’s consumer product yet, but we’ll let you know when we do.