‘Terrified’ teen with bad back shocked as she gives birth in toilet

A terrified British teenager has given birth in a hospital toilet room after taking herself to hospital with a sore back.Welsh teen Dion Seaborne, 18, had no idea she was pregnant and had initially thought she had hurt herself at her fast food job.
But when she went to the toilet while waiting to be treated at the hospital’s emergency department, she gave birth to daughter Lilly-May.
Dion said her back had been hurting for three days when she decided to get it checked out, going to the hospital by herself because of COVID-19 restrictions.
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“I’d been seen, had my blood pressure and temperature taken and was waiting to be seen again,” she said.
“It was about 3am and I needed to go to the toilet. I was pushing and pushing and the next thing Lilly-May was born.
“I had to shout for a nurse to come and help me because I couldn’t reach the emergency button and at this point Lilly-May was in the toilet.”
Nurses were able to get the newborn, who was born “perfectly healthy”, out of the toilet and cleaned up, with mother and daughter then taken to the maternity ward.
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“I found it terrifying. I have never been so scared in my life,” she said.
Dion then rang her boyfriend Callum Morris, who is also 18, to let him known he was now a parent.
“When I rang Callum to tell him that he was a dad to a little girl, he was so surprised he went upstairs to wake his mum up to tell her because it was 4am,” she said.
“He came down to the hospital to bring me some clothes and things and that’s when he met Lilly-May for the first time.”
Dion said she had no idea she’d been pregnant for months as she had continued to get her regular periods.
“I was feeling normal. I didn’t have any food cravings, my feet didn’t swell and my clothes even fitted me the same,” she said.
“I didn’t feel any different. I hadn’t put on any weight, in fact everyone was telling me I’d lost some weight.”
Dion turned 18 in August and is relieved she has never been a big drinker.
The teen had continued to lift heavy boxes at her job at Burger King and go on amusement park rides.
“When I think about it, I was doing everything I shouldn’t have been doing if I’d known I was pregnant,” she said.