The 296 GTB is the latest evolution of Maranello’s mid-rear-engined two-seater berlinetta. And it’s powered by one of Ferrari’s most advanced powertrains yet.

• Ferrari unveiled the 296 GTB, its new mid-rear-engined berlinetta sports car.
• The new Ferrari V6 hybrid powertrain is capable of delivering up to 610kW.
• The 296 GTB is also available with the extreme high-performance Assetto Fiorano package.
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Ferrari flipped the script with the unveiling of its latest sports car. Called the 296 GTB, the car is the next chapter in the Prancing Horse’s history as it is the first mid-rear-engined two-seater to be powered by a six-cylinder petrol engine. Yes, a six-cylinder!
The engine supplements the familiar V8 and V12 engines in Ferrari’s arsenal, yet promises to bestow the familiar Ferrari performance we’ve come to expect from the Italian automaker. The car’s name, which combines its total displacement (2992cc) and the number of cylinders, was chosen, with the GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta) acronym in fine Ferrari tradition to underscore this new engine.
What sets the 296 GTB further apart is that the internal combustion engine is coupled with an electric motor that adds an additional 122kW to the total system output. The car can also drive on electric power alone, delivering up to 25km of electric-only range in eDrive mode.
Powertrain explained
Displacing 2.9-litres, the V6 engine produces 488kW and 740Nm. With the addition of the electric motor, the power output increases to 610kW. The sports car’s engine’s V-layout has been done at a 120-degree angle, which, according to Ferrari, created more space between the cylinder banks. This meant that the turbos could be installed centrally, thus significantly reducing the unit’s overall size and the distance the air has to cover to arrive in the combustion chamber, maximising the fluid dynamics and efficiency of the intake and exhaust line ducts.
According to Ferrari, the 296 GTB can clear 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds and 0-200km/h in 7.3sec. Power is sent to the rear wheels via an eight-speed F1 DCT gearbox, which should see gear changes take place in split seconds.
The 296 GTB’s high voltage battery has a 7.45kWh capacity and a competitive weight/power ratio. The battery pack is located under the floor, and to minimise volume and weight, the cooling system, structure and fixing points are integrated into a single component. The cell modules contain 80 cells connected in series. Each Cell Supervisor Controller is installed directly in the modules to reduce volume and weight. 
The 296 GTB’s inverter is based on two silicon modules connected in parallel. The power delivery mode of which has been optimised to achieve the MGU-K’s torque increase to 315Nm. This component converts the electric energy with an extremely high level of efficiency (over 94%), and can supply the power required to start the V6 even when there is maximum demand for electric power.
Assetto Fiorano
If the ‘standard’ 296 GTB is too tame, prospective clients can opt for the 296 GTB Assetto Fiorano package. According to Ferrari, the package is entirely uncompromising in terms of maximum performance, thanks to significant weight reduction and aero content. Most notably, these include special GT racing-derived adjustable Multimatic shock absorbers optimised for track use, high-downforce carbon-fibre appendages on the front bumper that can deliver an additional 10kg of downforce, a Lexan rear screen, and more extensive use of lightweight materials such as carbon fibre for both cabin and exterior.
The Assetto Fiorano package involves much more than simply replacing elements. Ferrari says that some components require that the standard basic structure be redesigned, including the door panel, resulting in an overall weight-saving of 12-plus kg. Lastly, a special livery inspired by the 250 Le Mans can also be ordered exclusively by owners who opt for the Assetto Fiorano package. Its design runs from the front wings and hugs the central grille, and delineates its edges. This styling element continues along the bonnet, creating a hammer motif before running lengthways up to the roof and then down onto the rear spoiler.
Other content available to order solely with the Assetto Fiorano package includes an ultralight Lexan rear screen that brings the overall weight reduction to 15kg and Michelin Sport Cup2R high-performance tyres, which are especially suited to track use because of their grip.
The 296 GTB is sold with Ferrari’s 7-year maintenance plan, with service intervals scheduled every 20 000km or once a year.
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