The clocks (in most of Canada) will go forward an hour at 2 a.m. Sunday. One change is that we lose an hour’s sleep. Here are some other things it affects

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Who doesnt remember that we spring forward this weekend? Another sure sign of spring, the clocks (in most of Canada) will go forward an hour at 2 a.m. Sunday. One change is that we lose an hours sleep. Here are some other things affected when clocks change.
What time do you land?
Yukon stopped changing its clocks in November the first jurisdiction on the continent in the past 25 years to do so. The territory had to consult the central authority responsible for worldwide flight schedules, who then communicated the change to Air Canada, Air North and other airlines. In addition to air traffic having to co-ordinate flight paths, landings and takeoffs, passengers had to know what time to arrive at the airport or to be picked up. They could do a work-around by setting
That iPhone alarm
Technology companies have to watch for things like the clock in a vehicle that runs on a global positioning system off the radio, and also to ensure your devices are updated, so your alarm wakes you up on time for your flight, or for
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Your Zoom meeting
After Yukon changed its time plan, some calendars would show the wrong time when arranging a virtual meeting with someone in, say, Alberta. It was an easy fix that got sorted within a couple of days, mostly because it was November, and the rest of the country moved their clocks back within days. That left eight months during which all the small stuff could be sorted, by

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Checking all kinds of appointments
Yukons decision affected people living along the territorys boundaries. About 700 residents in the small B.C. community of Atlin, where many go to the Yukon for doctors appointments, shop for groceries and fill prescriptions. They now keep two different times. At home, they follow B.C. time on their clocks, but are on Yukon standard time when running errands. That took some adjusting. One resident said
It was strange at first
She didnt adjust her clocks when the territory shifted away from the same time zone as B.C., where she lives.
It was funny and weird at the beginning. For the first couple of weeks, everybody was talking about it, she said. But everybody got used to it.