The Cooler Master Summer Summit lets you check out their latest stuff virtually! There’s a lot to see, and here’s a peek of what to expect!

Cooler Master has just kicked off the Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021, a virtual showcase that lets you check out the latest and greatest stuff from them. The Summer Summit will be held on “Gather Town”. You can create your own customized 8-bit avatar to explore the 8-bit island Cooler Master created.
Members of the media, business representatives, content creators and the public can hang out, check out the products, meet Cooler Master employees and complete easter eggs to win prizes. This is your chance to experience a real-life tech show without having to step out from the comforts and safety of your home!
Cooler Master has already lined up a nice ensemble of products that you can check out in the Cooler Master Summit 2021:
MasterBox NR200P in four new colors!
Cooler Master has refreshed the MasterBox NR200P in a number of ways. The first is four new colorways: Flamingo Pink, Carribean Blue, Sunset Orange and Nightshade Purple. The colors were chosen via a vote on Reddit, and they also represent Cooler Master’s new visual identity.
NR200P MAX streamlines your SFF building experience!
On top of the new colors, Cooler Master will also be releasing the NR200P MAX. The NR200P MAX will be the first of Cooler Master’s new line of MAX systems, which will come with customized thermal and power solutions for optimal performance in the platform. The NR200P MAX here comes with a 850W 80+ Gold PSU and a custom 280mm top-mounted AIO CPU cooling solution, complete with two pre-installed SickleFlow 140mm PWM fans.
The 280mm cooler is designed to maximize the cooling performance in the compact NR200P, and to ensure that it won’t clutter up your build, the tubes are of the ideal length and are pre-routed to simplify your build process. The cables are also redesigned to a shorter, more appropriate length, and combined with the use of the included splitter, the NR200P MAX enables you to get a nice, neat build with minimal effort.
Hyper H6/H6DT pack six heatpipes to chill your CPU!
I mean, it is Cooler Master after all. No event would be complete without some new coolers. The new Hyper H6 and H6DT offer Cooler Master’s latest Xtra Dimensional Heat Pipe Direct Contact (XDHC) tech, which sees six coppers heatpipes in direct contact with your CPU IHS, promising optimal thermal transfer into the heatsink. The Hyper H6 is a single tower cooler, while the Hyper H6DT sports two banks of fins to dissipate the heat even faster.
MF120 Mobius Series
After the successful SF120R, Cooler Master has adopted the Ring Blade Design in more fans. The MF120 Mobius will offer the newer design with the ability for higher RPM, with the interconnected blades to improve static pressure and improve the rigidity to eliminate vibrations, lowering noise levels.
More fans with interconnected blades will also be debuting on the MasterLiquid PL240/PL360 Flux, which will feature an enhanced dual-chamber pump with refined flow and pressure to better cool your CPU.
Bling up your AIO tubing with the ARGB LED Tube Sleeve
Cooler Master has plenty of nice AIO CPU coolers, with various fans, radiators and pump designs. But the tubing is generally the same: a sleeved pipe. Well, the ARGB LED Tube Sleeve lets you customize that, with 30 ARGB LEDs in them for some stunning personalization and bling.
XG Platinum for the enthusiasts
Cooler Master will also be showcasing the XG Platinum PSUs at the Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021. There’s the XG Platinum and XG Platinum Plus, with both offering similar features including full-modular cabling, 135mm silent fan, Smart Thermal Control and 100% Japanese capacitors. They are also among the first PSUs to meet the latest Intel ATX 12V v2.53 specifications.
The XG Platinum Plus offers an additional Information Display Panel and ARGB lighting, all of which are accessible with the MasterPlus+ software.
M1600/M2000 Platinum for extreme builds
Instead of offering more cool features, the M1600 and M2000 Platinum are power supplies designed to offer maximum performance at reasonable prices. You get up to an insane 18 8-pin PCIe power connectors for some massive multi-GPU configurations. Now while you think that “maximum performance at reasonable prices” will mean Cooler Master cut corners, you still get stuff like high-end all-Japanese capacitors, full-modular cabling, a 135mm silent fan and most importantly, 80+ Platinum certification.
MM730 and MM731 ultralight mice for palm users!
Cooler Master will also be showcasing their latest peripherals, namely the MM730 and MM731. While they were already seen earlier this year, you can take a closer look at them in the Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021. The MM730 and MM731 are quite similar in shape to the MM531 mice, making them perfect for palm grippers, but it now gets the ultra-light treatment, an upgraded 19000 DPI sensor, optical switches, and in the case of the MM731, wireless connectivity.
Cooler Master MM731
The MM730 weighs a mere 48g, while the MM731 weighs 59g, but with the latter, you not only get not only 2.4GHz wireless, but also Bluetooth 5.1 and wired connection mode. 59g, despite it packing a battery that can last a good 190 hours! The MM711, a much smaller, wired mouse with a holey shell weighs 60g! I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on one.
Finally the CK721, a dream keyboard from Cooler Master?
65% keyboards are becoming the next big thing in mechanical keyboards, and the CK721 is Cooler Master’s answer. They have actually teased this keyboard earlier this year too. The CK721 even comes with a customizable dial, which makes it look absolutely amazing. On top of being Cooler Master’s first 65% keyboard, the CK721 is also Cooler Master’s first keyboard that supports 2.4GHz on top of Bluetooth and wired connection.
Full-sized CK351 and CK352
We have already reviewed the CK351, so you can check out our thoughts on that. Meanwhile there’s the CK352 keyboard, which comes with a sleeker design. It looks very fancy, and there’s a cool LED lightbar on the sides of for some added ambience. Both are full-sized keyboards, so it is up to you depending on your preference of the aesthetics and also switches, as the CK351 comes with LK Dargo Optical switches, while the CK352 tout LC mechanical switches.
Motion 1 and Hybrid 1 gaming chairs
The Motion 1 is a fancy looking chair. While the shape looks like a unique take on combining the racing seat aesthetics of gaming chairs and high-back office chairs, it actually has another trick up its sleeve. It was developed in collaboration with D-Box, adding a haptic engine under the chair that can provide for a 4D Cinema and Immersive gameplay at home.
The Hybrid 1 takes what Cooler Master has learned from making the Caliber series of gaming chairs and mashes the gaming-inspired design elements with some from the Ergo Chair, making a chair that is perfect for both gamers and professionals.
New flat gaming monitors!
Cooler Master also released a new range of monitors. Their first lineup consisted of two curved panels, but now those who prefer a flat panel also have options to choose from in Cooler Master’s new monitor lineup. There’s the GM27-FQS and GM32-FQ, two 1440p gaming monitors with 165Hz refresh rates. Meanwhile there’s also two new curved panels, the 240Hz FHD GM27-CFX and 144Hz WQHD GM34-CWQ, for more immersive gameplay.
GamePod for maximum immersion
Cooler Master appears to still be interested in making the GamePod. While we saw it first at Computex 2019, it appears to have received a few more ARGB accents, as well as a huge Cooler Master emblem behind the monitor mount. The GamePod also features an upgraded ergonomic recliner with adjustable head rest, lumbar support and footrest to make it yours. Make sure to check it out in the Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021!
StreamEnjin lets you stream on the go, conveniently!
I honestly didn’t expect Cooler Master to bring this product to the world. For streamers who have been streaming at a fixed location, this might not be the most important tool. But for those who have to stream away from homebase, the StreamEnjin can be a lifesaver. It’s an all-in-one livestream mixer that lets you edit and switch your inputs, all from the StreamEnjin’s deck. You can also create overlays with the iPad app, letting you create really professional streams without having to lug your streaming PC with you.
There will also be plenty more products that weren’t listed here, so make sure to check out the Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021 for yourself! You can check it out here:
Cooler Master Summer Summit 2021!
Pokdepinion: I am definitely looking forward to the MM731 and SK721. Time to declutter my desk by going wireless!