The internet went wild over the charged Meghan Markle and Prince Harry interview.

The Oprah interview was revealing, and at times heartbreaking.
Just yesterday, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sat down with Oprah for a much-anticipated tell-all interview that actually ended up being more revealing than most expected. It covered everything from their wedding to Meghan’s treatment by the press and alleged racism aimed at the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle bravely admitted having struggled with mental health issues that drove her to thoughts of suicide. (If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, here are 13 suicide and crisis intervention hotlines you can use to get help.)
Here are Twitter’s reactions to some of the interview’s revelations…
Meghan and Harry actually got married in secret before the public wedding
There was the televised wedding, of course, but apparently Meghan and Harry also got married earlier, in secret. Game of Thrones style…
Kate Middleton made Meghan cry?
Oprah asked Meghan about a story that did the rounds in the British tabloids saying Meghan had made Kate Middleton cry. It was a strange story that dredged up all sorts of pretty awful headlines from the notorious tabloid press in the UK.
According to Meghan, it was the other way around. Kate had made her cry over complaints about flower girl dresses.
The Crown is gonna be good
The entire internet was watching, reacting to the drama of what will no doubt be an incredibly compelling season of The Crown, should we get that far.
Writers for the next season of Netflix hit The Crown have a lot of new material to work with.
Meghan is relatable, but she didn’t Google her future husband?
Plenty of viewers mentioned that Meghan was relatable and did a great job during the interview, etc. But are we really expected to believe that she didn’t google her future in-laws in the 21st century?
“Meghan didn’t google the royal family. Meanwhile I see a guy in the grocery store and 30 mins later I’ll have his great-aunt’s house pulled up on Zillow,” one Twitter user joked. 
Meghan Markle is incredibly relatable in that I also dont understand what my job is
Betches (@betchesluvthis) March 8, 2021
if meghan didn’t google prince harry you can close all 14 tabs dedicated to your hinge match
Steadman (@AsteadWesley) March 8, 2021
Meghan didnt Google the royal family, meanwhile I see a guy in the grocery store and 30 mins later Ill have his great-aunts house pulled up on Zillow
BachShitCray (@Bach_ShitCray) March 8, 2021
Stopped taking his calls?
People were shocked at Prince Harry’s reveal that his father, Prince Charles, stopped taking his calls.
Most tweets around this interview were reaction shots, exactly like this. To be quite honest it makes sense. This was not your typical softball celebrity interview.
The UK Press
In the wake of the interview, the UK press, which has been notoriously horrific in its coverage of Meghan Markle in particular started up with its takes. It didn’t take long for Piers Morgan, a journalist who’s been particularly and consistently critical of Markle, to pipe up.
The rest?
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I’m also going to post this extremely niche pro wrestling meme that roughly 3% of people reading will understand.