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After two years of talking about doing it, yesterday Taylor Swift announced plans to release the first of her re-recorded albums. The full re-recorded version of her 2008 sophomore album Fearless will be out in April.
It’ll have 26 songs in it, including six never-before-released tracks written during the era and a bunch more that were put out around the same time Fearless was. The Fearless re-recording is part of Swift’s grand master plan to reclaim her back catalog from Scooter Braun and the hedge fund investors he sold it to.
The first full song that Swift is sharing from the updated Fearless is one of its biggest singles, “Love Story.” The re-recording was previewed in a Match ad back in December and now it’s here in full. It sounds, more or less, like the original. Check it out below.
The full Fearless re-recording will be out 4/9.