WarnerMedia is reportedly looking to expand streaming beyond HBO Max with two services based on CNN, TBS and other networks.

There’s no guarantee these services will move forward no matter how accurate the report might be. However, it might offer a window into WarnerMedia’s thinking The company may try to conquer streaming by offering a range of services that cater to specific tastes rather than an all-encompassing subscription like ViacomCBS’ Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access).
Whether or not that approach works isn’t certain. WarnerMedia parent AT&T has drawn criticism for launching a flurry of streaming services in recent years, with distinctions that aren’t always clear. Do you want AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now, or AT&T WatchTV? The differences would be more apparent with WarnerMedia, but you might not be keen to sign up for multiple services just to get everything the TV giant has to offer. HBO Max has relatively modest adoption at this early stage with 8.6 million subscribers, and more specialized services aren’t likely to eclipse Max’s numbers.