We’d agree that the less-is-more approach looks significantly better…

Over the decades, BMW’s design has also been quite progressive, with many criticising the cars at the time, only to come round to the ‘timeless’ designs years later. 
One example of this is the E60 M5, which is now regarded as one of the best-looking modern BMWs, so it will be interesting to see what happens with BMW’s new M3/M4 pair.
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As soon as BMW whipped the covers off these new performance cars, the majority of the car community called for the German brand to go back on their decision, but it seems that it has decided to stand by the controversial front ends.
So while BMW isn’t going to do anything about it, a tuning company by the name of Avante Design has put the front ends back to normal, as well as giving the M4 a very wide look.
Right now, these are just renderings, but Avante Design has revealed that a limited number of kits are currently in production, set to release alongside the M4 when it touches down. 
According to the release, the kit will be available in three variants, with the beefiest one widening the coupe by almost 18 centimetres. Other parts of the kit add a bulge to the bonnet, and widen the air intakes in the front bumper.
If you want a wider M4, but don’t mind the grilles, Avante Design is also offering a kit that works around ‘those’ nostrils, but we’ll be taking the less-is-more approach, thanks.