“When I was s–tty, I was just getting better each and every day,”

The beginning of Kelly Oubre’s career as a Warrior was filled with plenty of warranted controversy, criticism and concern. In fact, no one can really deny Oubre’s dismal start with Golden State, not even Oubre himself.
When answering questions to reporters following the Warriors’ 114-106 win over the New York Knicks, Oubre acknowledged his early season struggles in a blatantly honest way, but also revealed how those struggles ended up helping. 
“When I was s–tty, I was just getting better each and every day,” Oubre said. “I was in the gym, working out, working on my craft, adding tools to my bag.”
Whatever he worked on in those early weeks of the season is clearly paying off now. The 25-year-old has been a staple for the Warriors in February. Coming into Tuesday’s contest, Oubre was averaging 20.4 points over 33.9 minutes per game — a stark contrast from his 13.1 points per game mark for the month of January. 
Oubre also notably increased his 3-point shooting percentage to 46.4 percent, much higher than his 26.5 percent in January. 
It took a fair amount of time, but Oubre now is playing like the Warriors first envisioned he would when they traded for him in the offseason.
Still, Oubre says there’s more work, and more improvement, to come.
“Just like each and every day, I just get better,” he said. “I cant go a day without getting better and try to paint for the bigger picture of my game and where I want to be.”
Oubre turned in another solid overall game Tuesday, finishing with 19 points, eight rebounds, three blocks and a pair of assists. He also provided a classic comedic moment, but given how well he has been playing as of late, that likely won’t factor in too much. 
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