(Updated Frequently) Here are the very best Cyber Monday discounts we’ve found in every category and at all the major retailers. Laptops, TVs, Phones, Headphones, Gadgets, eco-friendly gear, and more.

If you, like us, prefer Google Assistant to Amazon’s Alexa, this is a good deal on Google’s smallest smart speaker. Check out our review for more.
Target, Walmart, Best Buy
This little hub doesn’t have a camera or great speakers. It’s best suited for entryways to manage your smart home devices or to see upcoming calendar events and reminders. You can also use it to check your security cameras. The Walmart deal includes $20 in Vudu credit if that’s something you want. (Yes, you can watch movies and shows on this hub too.)
Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy
Use the Nest app to adjust your home’s temperature remotely or set schedules to avoid paying for unnecessary heating and cooling. Nest learns as you use itso, for example, it’ll keep your home cooler while you’re asleep and not moving around. Check with your energy provideryou might be able to get a rebate for installing a Nest thermostat.
MysteryVibe Crescendo
Photograph: Mysteryvibe
The MysteryVibe Crescendo has powerful vibrations and customization settings, and the design works well with different body types. The rest of MysteryVibes’ lineup is also discounted.
Foreo, Sephora, Dermstore
We like this unisex device and have included it in both our Mother’s DayandFather’s Day gift guides. Its LED lights, heating and cooling functions, and vibrations can give your skin-care routine a boost.
Target, Walmart ($50), Colgate (Enter CYBER30 at Checkout), Amazon ($60)
We love the Colgate Hum. Most smart toothbrushes are more work than they’re worth. This one is not only more affordable than its competitors, but it has the right amount of features without too many nonessentials.
T3 Lucea Hair Straightener
Photograph: T3
T3Micro (Enter HOLIDAY25 at Checkout)